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Thread: Rookie Laminator....Any advice to a complete newbie appreciated 😊

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    Rookie Laminator....Any advice to a complete newbie appreciated 😊

    Hi there!
    Somehow I've ended up having a complete career change and am working fulltime for a fibreglass specialist company, originally as a driver and general dogsbody, however I've taken an interest in laminating and am kinda learning it "on the job" by observing and asking questions and being given easier jobs to practice on. I've never had any formal basic training and with only two people to learn off, I'd love to hear anyone else's basic guide to the world of fibreglass and any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated! I'm still getting used to power tools and basic practical skills, girls usually don't get taught this "bloke" stuff, so I really am a blank slate and don't want to pick up bad habits lol! 😃

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    You must be crazy!

    Anything specific? I guess there are a million things you could be taught. But moulding is really simple, but to be a good laminator takes practice, like carpentry or painting. Stuff like gelcoat thickness, resin comsumption in matting, proper air exclusion, economy of mat cutting, dry trimming green trimming....oh the list is endless. All this comes from just using the material and picking up tips from seeing it being done. Everyone makes mistakes though, what makes fibreglassing more difficult is the time limit imposed by the resin cure, its unlike most other skills in that respect.

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