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Thread: Mould making to create carbon fibre or fibreglass parts

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    Mould making to create carbon fibre or fibreglass parts

    I'd be very grateful for any technical guidance regarding this project.

    I'm making some simple motorcycle bodywork panels for a custom bike project.
    I have built prototype parts/plugs from mdf and bodyfiller which I've coated in a dozen or so coats of aerosol primer/filler. They're sanded down to a perfect finish now.

    I have a few questions regarding mould creation from these plugs.
    From the other forum posts I've been reading, I'm assuming I'll have to apply a two pack product in order to prepare the surface for mould making? what is the best product in your range to surface a plug?

    Ideally I'd like to make carbon fibre parts from the subsequent moulds. I'd like these parts to be visually attractive, preferably with a crystal clear surface showing the carbon fibre weave. Is this possible?

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    Watch out for compatibility with any aerosol paints, they do have a habit of melting when using resins or other solvent heavy stuff on top of them.

    So g4 damp seal if the easiest route to follow when coating a pattern. Its easy to apply and has a very hard surface which helps with releasing. After min 24 hours (ideally 48hrs) you can apply wax and start moulding.

    You can create cosmetically good carbon fibre parts using polyester clear gelcoat and ordinary general purpose resin. Its tricky because you will need to apply a very thin coat of clear gel. The carbon is not transparent like glassfibre so air bubbles can be a nuisance because you cant see them. However if doing this kind of thing by hand then it the only way.

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