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Thread: How can i fix pedestal to 17' del quay deck

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    How can i fix pedestal to 17' del quay deck

    Can anyone advise me on fixing a pedestal for a swivel seat without cutting a hole in the deck and bolting it.
    I have tried to find specification re thickness of deck or timber studs etc,
    a marine adhesive (i have name) and a rawplug fixing which when tightened gives a star effect under the deck, i can use m8 stainless screws + plenty of adhesive, the pedestal has 6 fixing holes.
    I probably have a speed of 20 knots approx so can be a lot of strain when i hit any kind of swell.

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    Presuming that the deck is fibreglass covered.....
    You'll need to fibreglass on some big head fixtures to the deck (I think a male threaded stud of largest thread size you can use). Make sure that that the old fibreglass is well keyed, prep is everything for good bonding)and you'll need quite a sturdy amount of layers of matting too, but it'll mean bolting the seat down will be piece of cake.

    Here is a link for you to see big head fasteners.

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