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Thread: Grp onto lead

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    Grp onto lead

    I have a roof coming up were it is hipped on 3 sides against the rear of the property with a flat section 1.8mx3.6m. No my question is where the tiles finish at the top do i just lead onto them and 100mm onto the deck then grp onto the lead or is there a bette r way of finishing this off? Can i even grp onto lead with the amount of movement?

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    You could do that but you must bring the fibreglass well over the edge of the roof as it wont stick particularly well to the lead. Alternately use a "D300" trim (we do sell these extended fillet trims) used upside down would be a cheaper option.

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    GRP onto lead is simple and working with architects who love lead details we do a lot of this.

    You just need to ensure the lead has not been oiled. Score it to death, crisis cross with a sharp blade, then apply G4. Let this "tack off" then apply your fibreglass in the normal manner.

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