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Thread: Fiberglass Project

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    Fiberglass Nosecone

    I am a member of a formula student team from India. We are making a nosecone for our car. We have a female mould made of styrofoam, but we are not really sure how to use it. The last time we used epoxy resin, it reacted with the styrofoam. We are looking for a way to protect the styrofoam from the resin, while making sure we get a clean and smooth finish.
    Also, how many layers of fiberglass would be enough for our use? We have 180 and 300 gsm fiberglass cloth with us.
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    Make sure your epoxy is solvent free (most of them are) and you should be fine. Polyester resin will dissolve polystyrene so avoid using that. Check your resin, make sure its epoxy, many people misidentify and think they are using epoxy when its polyester. Tip: if it smells very strong of 'glue' then its probably polyester.

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