Fibretechs recently went on an EPDM course due to this type of covering winning others more work in our area due to lower cost.

EPDM is sold on many occasions as a seamless product, which in my view is not technically correct unless it is a freestanding roof with no upstands. As soon as you have an upstand a bandage is required - hence seam. Also at all wall/roof junctures you need Russ strips or your roof will de-bond from the OSB in around 10years. The only real advantage I see is speed of installation. Most rubbers are sold with a 20yr guarantee and anticipated life of 50yr.

GRP is my personal preference since it can be manipulated to any shape/design. It is also easy to revive a tired covering unlike anything else which needs replacing in full. For us it is the only true seamless roof covering.

So where is the oldest GRP roof? I have recently resurfaced a covering circa 21years old and it look like new.

Your thoughts...

Drew @ Fibretechs Flat roofing - Gloucestershire