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Thread: Fibre Glass roof repair

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    Fibre Glass roof repair

    I have a small leak in a fibre glass roof on osb.

    The roof has been scrubbed clean

    The leak has been isolated to an area that appears to be chipped. It is directly above where the water in coming into the room.

    The internal ceiling has been stripped to reveal the underside of the board, the wet area of board is about the size of a teacup. The board is good condition and not rotted as the leak has been spotted early.

    The outer surface of the top coat has been covered with gaffer tape to an area of approx 25cm x25cm

    The leaking has stopped

    This area of OSB is now neally dry

    Can anyone advise on the products and process to repair this area.

    I was thinking of simply abrading the top coat back to nearly the fibre base coat and then washing with acetone. Then apply a layer of gelcoat and fibre layer then stipple to moisten all fibre and remove air.

    Allow to harden then sand and key and apply a final layer of grey topcoat.

    A nice neat square of 25cm x25cm

    Can anybody add any other points and suggest the materials for this job.

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    We have compiled a repair kit (click here!) for jobs just like this. It contains everything you need, including instructions but it sounds like you have got a good idea about the correct procedure already. Good Luck!

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