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Thread: Building A Hot tub / Spa

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    Building A Hot tub / Spa

    Hi , this is my first post here and indeed my very first project of this kind. I have no experience at all with GRP / Gel / Top coats.

    Over the years I've managed to collect everything needed to build my own hot tub, ie. jets pumps, controls. I now need the advice and knowledge from you guys to actually make the tub itself.

    So i'm planning on creating the tub out of a wooden frame lined with timber of sorts , then i'm going to fibreglass it ...... this next step is where i'm struggling. What do i use as the actual surface topcoat ?? gelcoat ??.

    Any advice would be great , cheers.
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    This post was missed at the time. This reply (sorry to the O.P.) is for future reference.

    Topcoat (aka flowcoat), not gelcoat.

    Please refer to our gelcoat and topcoat section.

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