I didnt have work I decided to go down to an electronics hobbiest store of heard of, it turns out to be basicly a radio shack with a differnt name (so super expensive items (over 1$ for 1 LED?) and bad selection). Anyways; in the aisle with the wire, wire glue, conductive paint, and so on... I found a fiberglass pen.

Now a long time ago I remember seeing a video where a guy is modding somthing; so he needs to scrape some soldermask off a couple traces, he pulled out a pan and said 'the easiest method by far, the fiberglass pen' this thing looks basicly just like a pencel but the 'lead' part was a bit rounded. Anyways he did like three strokes and cleanly removed the soldermask to make a solder joint...

So when I saw that fiberglass pen next to all this circuit repair stuff; I thought great! I would love to own one of these, so I grabbed it. (along with 5 9v batt connectors (4 bucks!), .015 solder (~3 bucks), and a couple dip switches (1.5$ each what a ripppp)).

Now when I got home and opened it I relised I didnt really look at the item; I just saw the name and got it. It turns out this is not like the one in the video; this one is a brush. like you spin the bottom and it pushes the fiberglass bristles up. So I decided to try it anyhow; technically its called an 'abrasive fiberglass pen'.

Please help.


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