I have a small fibreglass boat, and the interior of the cabin is tatty to say the least - painted with goodness knows what and flakey. If I clean it down to a sound surface, what is the best product to re-seal it with / paint (finish) it with? I want a clean, dry area with as little condensation as possible.


Fibreglass surfaces will be much better painted with polyester topcoat. This is a type of gelcoat that is used to finish the 'rough side' of fibreglass. It is thick and very tough, and will last much longer than any paint. It should only be applied to a fibreglass surface, the paint must be removed as much as possible, and the fibreglass must be sanded for a key. If this is not possible then I am afraid you will just have to keep painting it!

CFS - Gelcoats and Topcoats